How To Delete Search History!

More about Deleting File


The big question to many internet explorer users is this – how do they clear their search history? Usually, the answer is simple – to delete the webcachev01 cache file. For those who are not yet accustomed with how to do a deleted browser history, please know that any web browser produced by Microsoft including Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer 10 always store browsing data into a protected file termed as the webcache file. The reality is that this file is quite difficult to be removed by Microsoft. The reason for this can be attributed by the fact that it goes with a tracking data. This tracking data is encrypted already.


Learning How to Get Rid of Search History


There are various ways in order to get rid of your search history. If you are a newbie to this, it would help a lot to learn about the following:

  1. Please know that your browsing history is known as the information which is being stored by the Internet Explorer on your personal computer as you surf. In order to improve the experience you have with this, you should be vigilant with the forms, passwords and sites you go to.
  2. Once you view your browsing history, you are given the chance to select on what specific sites to delete. You can also return to the webpage that you have visited if you want to.
  3. The moment you are already in the internet explorer, go for the favorites button. You will be able to see it there.
  4. Afterwards, do not fail to select the history tab. From this, you can select how you want to view your history. There is a filter in the menu. In order to delete specific sites, you can right-select a website from any of the lists that you see. When this is done, select the delete button. You can also return to the page through the selection of any website from the list that you see.


Following the aforementioned should not be that difficult in deleting your browsing history. It is crucial that you delete your browsing history regularly because this is going to help you in the protection of your privacy. This is true most especially if you are using a personal computer which is being shared or utilized in public. This should be quite easy to handle.


In order to find the said deleting easier, there is an application you can go for termed as WebCacheKiller. This is a way to delete files easily. This may also be responsible in deleting browsing history which is obtained from Internet Explorer. The settings will be the one to show or tell what is to be deleted by the Internet Explorer. If this is not going to transpire, the file will still be on the hard drive. It will still be intact. This is the difference of it. If you are not yet sure about where to start, it will help to read reviews from the internet. This should assist you properly.